When Basson & Close Quantity Surveyors (Pty) Ltd was formed in 2010, we were confident that we had the capability to supply an uncompromisingly superior service to the market.

While adhering to the highest standards in the industry, our aim was to also achieve cost-effective quality for our clients. The results speak for themselves: despite its inception during some very tough economic times, BCQS has been consistently profitable, having exceeded our own expectations on a year-on-year basis for three years running.

Thanks to our blue-chip base of mining and other large industrial clients, we have enjoyed a significant amount of repeat business and repeat projects.

Service sectors

- BCQS provide services to and has experience in the following sectors of the market:

- Mining

- Engineering

- Infrastructure

- Oil and gas, including petrochemical plants

- Energy

- Rail

- Port and marine works

- Commercial

- Retail

We are involved in various commodities such as Gold, Platinum, Coal, Diamonds, Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Iron Ore, Manganese and Copper.

An employer of choice

We attribute our success largely to our investment in human resources. Our greatest asset is our people and we work hard to develop and support them, creating a working environment conducive to excellence.

At BCQS we spend a lot of time on staff feedback sessions which are serious, but at the same time fun, and serve to build up a good internal team spirit.

We strive to attain a balance of having a friendly and approachable environment, while at the same time adhering to the strictest work ethics and performance management criteria.

We also believe in the value of peer review, by giving one another constructive feedback. All this supports our staff retention strategy and results in an environment where we are all happy and take pride in our work.

As a close team, our people are proud of the reputation we have built at BCQS, and as such, have willingly become brand ambassadors for the company!

Standards of Excellence

As a professional firm, our people have been carefully selected from a selected pool of talent. As highly qualified individuals, they are positioned to offer expert advice and deliver a superior, accurate service on a wide range of projects and scenarios.

We believe that it is the precision with which we work, our exacting standards and professionalism that set us apart. Our Quality Management System (QMS) relating to all our project documentation ensures that we adhere to the strictest quality management standards at all times, and throughout the company.

Embracing Opportunity

While BCQS specialises in local mining, engineering and other sectors, the company offers services across the African continent.

Through strong, visible and ‘hands-on' leadership, flexibility and innovation, integrity, expediency and retention of the best people, BCQS will continue to demonstrate service delivery our clients can rely on, and value for money when times are tough.

Partnering with BCQS is an obvious choice for our existing and future clients – let us show you ‘results through experience'.