Basson & Close Quantity Surveyors (Pty) Ltd is a dynamic company which was founded in 2010, in the midst of changing global economic times. Therefore, we are no strangers to tough conditions, and are strategically placed to embrace and overcome any challenge which we encounter.

Our management team consists of a group of like-minded, hard-working and highly experienced quantity surveyors – professionals in their field, who have a firm understanding and sense of the industry: its unique challenges and its abundant opportunities.

Our directors have a hands-on approach in that we each take an active role in our various projects that we are currently involved in. Our management team has thus a ‘hands-on' operational as well as a longer-term strategic understanding of our project work, which we believe is a key strength.

As managers, we therefore aim to set an example of how things should be done both operationally and strategically – particularly when it comes to client liaison and service delivery.

Meet Our Team